Cannabis for Nova Scotians | No liquor store necessary

Have a Coastal Christmas!

Merry Christmas ya Filthy Animals

We’ve got NINETEEN new strains which will satisfy you even when you’re .. Home Alone

New flavors of HOG Shatter

We proudly stock House of Glass Shatter to ensure you’re getting the quality you deserve

Cannabliss CBD Products

We know your CBD-products NEED to be lab-tested and true, which is why we stock Cannabliss CBD products

Est. 2016

Started in Halifax – we’ve grown to accommodate more of Nova Scotia. A better way to buy weed; no liquor store necessary.

How it Works

Order Cannabis

Determine which of our warehouses to order from. This can be done by navigating to our maps page, and selecting the region which you’re located in.

Delivery Fee details vary by region

New Customer?

Once on your appropriate warehouses’ site, you’ll have to login or register to our site – which requires a phone number. We only message you with order information, and critical messages related to the site.

After you've ordered

Once you place your order, the budtenders will prepare it, and it will be grabbed by our next available driver. Orders will take up to 2 hours to get to you. This wait-time may be extended during busy hours (Thursday-Sunday after work) or if you’re located in a zone with a larger delivery fee than others (you’re far away!!)

Make sure you have enough cash or your order will not be delivered NO EXCEPTIONS. Oh, and don’t be afraid to tip your driver 🙂